The St. Norbert-Seine River ward

So… what exactly IS the St. Norbert-Seine River ward?

St. Norbert-Seine River is a wide-spanning south Winnipeg ward that includes areas both within and beyond the Perimeter.

It is a new ward created prior to the 2018 Winnipeg municipal election — ward boundaries have been readjusted to better balance the populations within them. That equated to the elimination of a ward and the creation of new ones, such as St. Norbert-Seine River.

Prior to 2018, many of the neighbourhoods in St. Norbert-Seine River were part of the St. Norbert ward and the St. Vital ward.

Neighbourhoods in St. Norbert-Seine River include:

Dakota Crossing, Fort Richmond. La Barriere, Maple Grove Park, Normand Park, Parc La Salle, Perrault, Richmond Lakes, River Park South, St. Norbert, St. Vital, Perimeter South, Trappistes, Turnbull Drive, and University.

I’m still confused. Is my home in the ward or not?

Here’s a couple of great resources on the ward and it’s legal boundaries that should clear things up.