The Fort Garry riding

Under “The Electoral Divisions Act,” Manitoba’s electoral division boundaries are reviewed — and amended as necessary — every 10 years to reflect population changes and ensure effective representation by keeping the approximate number of residents in each riding the same.

In December, 2018, the Manitoba Electoral Divisions Boundary Commission undertook their review, amended the boundaries of 56 out of 57 ridings, and gave 14 of them new names.

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The Fort Garry riding is comprised of much of what made up the former “Fort Garry-Riverview” riding, and its boundaries are complex.

its western border (from south to north) is Pembina Highway from Thatcher Drive to Bishop Grandin Boulevard, Waverley Street from Bishop Grandin Boulevard to Taylor Ave, Poseidon Bay from Taylor Avenue to Cambridge Street, Cambridge Street from Poseidon Bay to Grant Avenue, and Stafford Street from Grant Avenue to Corydon Ave.

Its northern border (from west to east) is Taylor Avenue from Waverley Street to Poseidon Bay, Grant Avenue from Cambridge Street to Stafford Street, and Corydon Avenue from Stafford Street to Pembina Highway.

Its eastern border (from north to south) is Pembina Highway from Corydon Avenue to Jubilee Avenue, Jubilee Avenue from Pembina Highway to the Elm Park Bridge, and the Red River from the bridge to Thatcher Drive.

Its southern border (from east to west) is Thatcher Drive from the Red River to Pembina Highway and Bishop Grandin Boulevard from Pembina Highway to Waverley Street.