Platform and priorities

Today. Tomorrow. Together.

Nancy recognizes forward thinking and planning as integral to meeting the needs of a growing community. As a city councillor, she will strive to listen to your priorities and ensure they are being addressed by City Hall. She knows a better future is only possible through two-way communication and community collaboration.

Nancy’s identified a number of areas that are key to ensuring the ongoing growth, vibrancy, and stability of St. Norbert-Seine River.

Improving access to public transit

Safe, reliable public transit is integral to the quality of the lives of those who do not own a vehicle or are unable to drive. Many in St. Norbert-Seine River depend on Winnipeg Transit as their primary source of transportation.

There are routes running through the ward, but they are not sufficient for the needs of the growing community — they are too scattered and run too infrequently. Often, residents need to transfer multiple times to get where they’re going and have little to no service outside peak hours.

Nancy knows reliable access to transit plays a crucial role in community development by providing access to education, employment, recreation, health care and other key services.

She will work with citizens, transit representatives, City Hall, and other stakeholders to create a Transit Accessibility & Safety Plan that will benefit all Winnipeggers.

Read more about Nancy’s Transit Accessibility & Safety Plan here.

Bolstering local businesses

St. Norbert-Seine River has many outstanding local businesses. They are the backbone of the community and provide job opportunities, vital services, food, and recreation. Nancy wants to bring even more to the ward. She will consult with residents, business owners, and other service providers to produce a pro-growth economic vitality and growth policy plan.

Nancy will work with business leaders in the community and listen to the struggles they face and their suggestions to improve business development and growth.

As a business owner herself, Nancy has navigated formalities and red tape. She will work with public officials, businesses, and citizens to sensibly reduce these obstacles facing local business owners.

Nancy supports exploring innovative ways of spending the councillors’ budget and will look into ways to support businesses through measures such tax incentives and grants.

Read more about Nancy’s Economic Growth & Vitality Plan here.

Continuing community development

Nancy will make certain she addresses areas the community identifies as priorities and will advocate for close oversight of spending on the services identified.

This includes spending on roads and transportation infrastructure, community indoor and outdoor recreation spaces, and access to key services and areas.