Donate, volunteer, and support

Invest in Nancy, invest in the community

Every campaign need funds to run. We’d be honoured if you’d consider making a monetary contribution to Nancy’s quest to be the voice representing St. Norbert-Seine River and your interests at City Hall. With your help today, we can push for a better tomorrow together.

How to donate

You can make a donation through PayPal here.

You can also donate via cheque. Please make out the cheque to ‘Nancy Cooke Campaign” and send it to our PO box, addressed as the following:

Nancy Cooke



R2N 3X2.

We cannot accept cash or anonymous donations through the mail.

Rebate structure

When you donate to a political campaign, you are eligible for a rebate from the City Clerk’s Department. The maximum donation from any individual to any one candidate is $750. Regardless of how you choose to donate, we will email you a rebate form containing your information, which once signed, can be scanned and emailed or physically mailed back to us. Please send us an email to request a rebate form.

For any contribution of $300 dollars or less, you will be reimbursed at a rate of 75 per cent. For example, if you donated $300, your rebate would be $225.

For any contribution of between $300 and $750, you will be reimbursed with $225 plus a rate of 50 per cent for the amount exceeding $300. For example, if you donated $500, your rebate would be $325.


Every campaign needs a fleet of dedicated volunteers to be successful. We’re always looking for more people like you. If you’re willing to help us out in any capacity, please visit our contact page.