Release: Economic vitality and development week

Economic vitality and development week

Today. Tomorrow. Together. Nancy Cooke to focus her attention on her plans to foster economic development and growth during the week of July 23

From one form of vitality to another — Nancy Cooke will be shifting her focus from community vitality to economic vitality and development this week.

She is going to focus on how St. Norbert-Seine River and the city as a whole can bolster business development and growth and ensure Winnipeg’s economic landscape is viable for existing businesses and attractive and desirable to new ones.

Nancy will be highlighting her pro-growth Economic Vitality and Growth Policy plan, which outlines how she plans to foster a diverse and prosperous business community through innovation, commercialization, partnerships, and sensible barrier reduction.

She will also focus on idea creation, identify potential partners with whom to innovate, and survey how other cities have innovatively driven economic development.

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